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Health Rehab Life is based on living in the moment, pushing the limits of our abilities, caring for each other, and establishing human connection.


The Health Rehab Outreach Program is made up of clowns, flowers, Christmas turkeys and plenty of heart. Its sole purpose is to bring a smile and a little joy to our community members who may often find themselves alone. The program was initiated on Halloween of 2011 when our staff delivered flowers and happy face balloons to a local nursing facility during Operation Bringing Smiles. For further information please contact our Outreach Director, Krystal Robles.


Health Rehab’s Action Life Adventures excite and liberate patients who are going through a challenging time in their lives. They spend long and tiresome hours in doctors’ offices and physical therapy clinics. We understand how this cycle wears on them emotionally. We want to invigorate, motivate and inspire people who are facing challenges and show them that there are many things they can do that are exciting and wonderful. We want to show them that they are capable of anything! Action Life Adventures is 100% funded by Health Rehab and can range from biking, hiking or kayak fishing for a full day, to just floating on the water for an hour near the beach. We outfit an adventure one Saturday each month and there is no cost to participate. It’s one more step in helping patients get their lives back.


Health Rehab’s Action Life Skate Series is another way we give back to the community. With our background rooted in the action sports world, it was only natural to develop an Action Sports competition series at our local skate parks. This program is a work in progress and we are very excited to provide the youth in our community an opportunity to hone their skating skills in a safe, positive environment.