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Our custom-built indoor therapy pool has every bell and whistle.


Our indoor pool contains a hydraulic powered chairlift, a Jacuzzi bench, plyometric cants for our athletes, two depths, a built-in exercise bench, and a jet powered resistive flow of water to walk, swim or even kayak against.


The major advantages of Aquatic Therapy are:

• Buoyancy - Provides assistance and support to decrease gravitational forces placed on weak limbs that have difficulty bearing weight.  Buoyancy allows a person to move more easily with decreased stress on muscles, joints and bones.

• Heat – Our Aquatic therapy pool is always heated to 92 degrees. The warm water relaxes muscles and allows for improved joint range of motion.

• Hydrostatic Pressure - The water surrounding the body helps circulate blood from the legs to the heart, often reducing any swelling in the ankles and feet.  Once swelling is reduced, joint tenderness may decrease and range of motion can increase.

• Resistance – Provides improvement in balance and strength in all muscle directions. Performing specifically designed exercises in the water will restore and maintain your functional abilities.  Resistance also increases sensory awareness.